Shazia Mahmood

Contemporary Paintings

  • Small Isles, from Glasnakille 40x120cm

    Small Isles, from Glasnakille

  • Rhum from Strathaird 55x65cm

    Rhum from Strathaird

  • Cuillins from Ord 30x90cm

    Cuillins from Ord

  • Camasunary 40x100cm


  • Elgol 55x65cm.


  • Eigg and Muck and Canna 30x76cm

    Eigg and Muck and Canna

  • Small Isles 30x70cm

    Small Isles

  • Assynt 45x55cm


  • IMG_5424

    Rum & Eigg

Since graduation from my M.A in Fine Art painting in 1997 I have now been painting for 19 years. I still believe strongly that the substance ‘paint’ has become so versatile and changed so much over the years that I am still finding new techniques to express and recreate my landscapes. For me Scotland has been the choice of place because of the beyond inspiring places that exist in this extraordinary Land. Scotland, specifically Skye, the North West Highlands and the islands from Elgol. Capturing the extraordinary light on the landscape for me is my mission as a painter.

Ultimately I want to show how modern day mediums and techniques can express these small moments of light on this unimaginable landscape. Some of these paintings have taken a few years to do, building up layers and creating new ways of mixing mediums. The paintings are about capturing those small moments when your are looking at the Scottish Highlands . As Inspiration goes, Scotland never fails. I am always stunned and silenced by what I witness in the highlands. I hope this is what is captured in the paintings.

Meet Shazia

Shazia on location



Shazia graduated with an M.A in Fine Art Painting from Winchester School of Art in 1997. This included studying at their studio base in Barcelona for nine months. She completed her B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art from the University of Creative Arts, Farnham. She is a full time artist and lives and works on the Sussex coast

Some of my latest work

  • Glenfinnan 50x60cm

    Glenfinnan 50x60cm

  • Assynt 45x55cm

    Assynt 45x55cm

  • Suilven 40x80cm

    Suilven 40x80cm

  • Small Isles II 30x76cm

    Small Isles II 30x76cm

  • Small Isles 30x70cm

    Small Isles 30x70cm

  • Oldshoremore beach 40x120cm

    Oldshoremore beach 40x120cm

  • Oldshoremore 100x100cm

    Oldshoremore 100x100cm

  • knoydart 30x7cm

    Knoydart 30x76cm

  • Elgol 55x65cm.

    Elgol 55x65cm

  • Eigg and Muck and Canna 30x76cm

    Eigg and Muck and Canna 30x76cm

  • Eigg and Muck 30x76cm

    Eigg and Muck 30x76cm

  • Assynt, Sutherland 64x75cm

    Assynt, Sutherland 64x75cm

    Assynt, Sutherland 64x75cm

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